Saturday, May 2, 2015

study guide


______ This artist was inspired by Saul Bass…Olly Moss
______ This artist is known for his book cover designs…Chip Kidd
______ This artist got recognized by posting his movie posters on line and eventually created a poster for the Oscars…Olly Moss            
______ This artist worked as a concept artist for Blade Runner and Tron among other films…Syd Mead
______ This artist was a graphic designer who created movie posters, logos, magazine spreads and opening credits for films…Saul Bass
______ This artist created a series of images with text and maps…Paula Scher  
______ This artist designed the add campaign for the “Ocean” films…Neville Brody
______ This artist designed most of the world of Star Wars with his concept art…Ralph McQuarrie
______ This artist inspired the 90’s grunge movement…Pollock
______ This artist was an action painter who recorded his movement while painting…Pollock            
______ This artist was upset when a friend produced a painting similar to his style bu incorporated diagonals…Mondrian
______ This artist had over one hundred of his illustrations stolen by a previous employer and had to take him to court to get them back…Struzan
______ This artist often used black and white ink to create his gritty characters only adding bits of color here and there…Miller             
______ This artist worked closely with film makers to recreate his style in films based on his comic books…Miller
______ This artist created a series of morbid illustrations rhyming the alphabet with tragic events…Gorey              
______ This artist was inspired by Alphonse Mucha…Hughes                   
______ This artist was once asked to create a poster over night and delivered it “wet” to the agency…Struzan
______ This artist created graphic illustrations and theater sets…Gorey 
______ This artist began as a comic book artist but now creates only covers and art for his fans at conventions…Hughes              
______ This artist was inspired by Keith Herring and Basquait…Banksy             
______ This artist created the opening credits for PBS’s “Mystery”…Gorey         
______ This artist created the “How Happy Are You” show…Sagmeister

false - Saul Bass was asked by Stanly Kubric to create no more than twenty sketches for “The Shining” poster.
false - Chip Kidd drew Batman for the cover of the Dark Knight series.
false - Syd Mead chose to work exclusively on “Battlestar Galactica” so he wouldn’t have to be involved in the “Star Trek” project.
True -Paula Scher is recognized as one of the top ten graphic designers and as a fine artist.
True -Stephan Sagmeister is known for drawing on his models.
True -Banksy started as a tag artist before becoming “legit”.
false - Gorey was famous for his love of children.
false - Struzan painted Harrison Ford many times but never met him and had to model for the posters he created.
True -Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror” series originally featured Batman but due to controversy he changed the character.
false - Jackson Pollock worked exclusively in oil paint.
True -Neville Brody often incorporated a DaDa-ist style with his type.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Saul Bass

Olly Moss

Chip Kidd

Milton Glaser

Syd Mead

Ralph McQuarrie

Paula Scher

David Carson

Neville Brody

Piet Mondrian

Jackson Pollack

Frank Miller

Drew Struzan

Adam Hughes
Edward Gorey